Benefits to Having an Agent

A process made easy, courtesy of a skilled agent.

Place HolderFor some reason, a lot of people believe they’ll do a better job of selling their homes with no help from a realtor, and it begins with placing that sign on the lawn. There are a couple of important things you need to think about first if you have been considering selling your house without the help of an agent. The biggest thing you’ll have to think about is how you’re going to get visitors to look at your house by simply placing a sign in the yard?

Putting a house on the market is difficult work, but realtors do have several things in place to make it easier. There are some things that you are able to use if you’re selling your home by yourself, but you have to understand that not all consumers know what is available. You could take time to place your home on every FSBO web site, but you would just be wasting your time if buyers do not know these sites. Think about the possibility that buyers now know Craigslist, Zillow, and Trulia, along with the newspaper. That’s right; the classified section. Next, you must keep in mind that all of these options are offered to real estate agents as well. That means you’ll be fighting with professional brokers to capture the attention of potential buyers. That’s just how marketing goes, and you should be prepared.

For the sake of argument, let’s say someone does find your house and wants to purchase it. When you receive first offer, how do you go about countering or taking it? You might not know how to begin creating a counteroffer unless you have the official forms ready. While you can certainly verbally parry, it won’t be solid until you are able to put it on paper and sign it. With no proper forms, you may not provide the right stipulations, the correct wording, or even the best deadline for the counteroffer. Don’t you want to know that you are shielded in your paperwork? Making a mistake on such a large investment could result in painful repercussions that will haunt you for decades. This is as serious as drinking and driving, it can literally ruin your life. If you found yourself in trouble with a DUI in Nashville, it would be insane not to have a Nashville DUI attorney represent you right? The same goes for buying a house. Whether you are in Nashville, San Francisco, New York or anywhere else, don’t go at the mountains of legal paperwork alone. Have your real estate agent do it for you!

After this, you’ll need someone who can help you ascertain the measures to take and when to take them. You may not get a closure date that works best for you, or you may get to the closing table and discover that you weren’t prepared with the necessary funds, which would then bust up the whole deal. You may find way too many things to think about when you are selling a home to do everything by yourself. In addition, there are too many ways to mess up the deal.

Things are a lot simpler in advertising for real estate agents. There is a network that all realtors use called the MLS. Sure, you’ll find a few brokers that will allow you to get on the MLS to get a much smaller fee, and that could be the way you wish to go. The MLS allows brokers and buyers to view what is available for sale locally. It is an easy task to narrow searches so that prospective buyers do not get overwhelmed with the number of alternatives out there. You need to understand this is not the only thing a realtor can do for you, although you do have greater likelihood of reaching prospective buyers when you can get your house on the MLS.

You have found an agent who will place it on the MLS for a fee. Then what are the results? It’s not like when people are interested in your house, it is possible to approach them in the grocery store and question them. The best salesmen in the world would have difficulty doing that. So how do you reach out to potential buyers? Using a realtor, you can be certain she or he will continually work at that. These brokers have buyers who might be searching for something like your home. Without someone there to advocate for your house, it could go undetected or ignored, set aside with no real estate agent with which to communicate.

It is worth every penny in the end to pay the realtor’s fee and get the task done right. You will get the advantage of an excellent property representative’s expertise, advertising knowledge, a place on the MLS, the data involving contract negotiation, the official paperwork close at hand, the help through searches, and the experience at the closing table. Do you want to give up an opportunity with all of this?